Jenny Lai Olsen

Jenny Lai Olsen is a Boston based artist.  She is best known for her abstractive approach to her paintings.  Her paintings, “Big Mari” and “Little Mari” are the “Best in Show” winner of the Cambridge Art Association’s National Prize show in 2015.

Jenny paints mostly in oil, for she loves the physical sensation of applying oil paints.  Her goal is to explore the medium in greater depth, and use the versatility of oils to achieve the strongest impact in each painting without losing its honesty and freshness.  Abstract expression fascinates Jenny, so do human faces, figures and their interactions.  Jenny is continuing to explore the interplay of abstracts and figures in her work.  

Jenny is a MFA cadidate of Massachusettes College of Art and Design.  She participated in the art residency in Amsterdam.  She is represented by Gallery 263 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  She is also an Artist in Residence at Cambridge Health Alliance.

Jenny has shown her work in solo, small group, juried and invitational shows in the US and Taiwan.  Her work can be found in private and public collections in US, Switzerland and Taiwan