Jenny Olsen
Artist Statement

I am a painter.  Oil is my main medium.  A mostly abstract painter before, figures now dominate my work.  I have fun painting people I know, including myself.   My focus lies in conveying the presence of the person; therefore, the Identity of the person is not of central importance.  I like to keep my lines and strokes loose.  I keep traces of earlier marks there to convey the sense of time.  I leave some areas unresolved for mystery and give viewers room for further thoughts.  The exposed feet that signify intimacy and closeness are the focal points in many of my recent paintings.   In addition to feet,  birthday cakes, books, bathtubs, and ghosts are some of the recurring themes.   Currently I am working on a series inspired by the Japanese woodblock prints, “One hundred beautiful women at famous places of Edo”.   This new series allows me to explore the duality of time and space that I have always been interested in, and at the same time letting a hint of my Japanese heritage into my work.